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Financial consulting

“Figures are said to run the business. Wrong, figures only show how the business is run.”

After all the processes and resources of the company have been measured, they are expressed in financial terms through which business efficiency is then analysed and planned. For this reason finance is one of the key processes necessary for the successful functioning and planning of the business.

Financial reporting, analysis, and planning are obligatory preconditions for strategy and organisation development and implementation, for making the correct decisions and exercising control.

The services that SKIPPER Consulting offers to its clients in respect of financial consulting are: financial information structuring, financial reporting and analysis, forming budgets, development of a financial business model, financial planning and analysis, evaluation of required funding, valuation of corporate business value and financial business model simulations. The services can apply both to the overall business and to separate projects.

The result of the financial consulting is a financial business model, which can be used to make dynamic simulations and determine possible development scenarios of the business.