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The practical and theoretical expertise of the SKIPPER Consulting team is in the field of strategy and organisation development and implementation, finance, marketing, project management and operative process control and personnel management.

The main project realised by our team is the setting up of the commercial and engineering company Bulfire Ltd. with more than 100 employees from a small commercial company with only a few people. As a result of the operative and organisational management performed by the team of the consultancy company, then executive staff (executive director and line managers), within a period of seven years Bulfire increased its market share more than five times, mastered the complex design and manufacture of specialized fire fighting vehicles and developed and implemented in practice a strategy and organisation management system according to European standards.

The diagrams below show the income growth and the growth of the number of employees in the mentioned company in the period 2001 - 2005 expressed as a percentage compared to 2001.

INCOME GROWTH IN THE PERIOD 2001 - 2005 vs. 2001


All the services that SKIPPER Consulting offers to its clients have been previously developed and implemented in practice in the conditions of the Bulgarian market and the results have been monitored and analysed.

Our clients are small, medium, and big Bulgarian companies operating in different spheres of the economy. Our main goal is to help them increase their competitiveness and adapt their manner of work to the new conditions imposed by the adhesion of Bulgaria to the European Union.