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SKIPPER Consulting has the possibility to offer its clients a wide range of services in the field of strategic, organisational, marketing and financial consulting, project management, and business solutions.

The adhesion of Bulgaria to the European Union brought about a change in the country’s business rules and our main objective is to help our customers become more competitive in this new environment and increase their financial results and business value.

In our work we use a systematic approach and offer the client results-oriented high quality service. Our approach uses world’s best practices. Based on a thorough analysis of the client’s situation we develop and implement a special product customized to meet the client’s needs and requirements. A major precondition for the success of our approach is the right selection and consistency of development and implementation of our products for each individual customer.

We can achieve this thanks to the theoretical knowledge and practical expertise we have accumulated both in strategy and organization systems development and implementation and day-to-day business process management and people management.