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Strategic consulting

“Only those who know where they want to go can expect to sail with the wind.”

The company strategy is the foundation on which you can build your business. It defines the direction and rate of growth of a company and all investments should be made accordingly. Therefore, the company strategy needs to be very carefully developed, planned, and implemented.

Together with our clients, we develop, plan, and assist in the implementation of the strategy in their companies. This is efficiently done only after completing the respective marketing and financial research, analyses and projections.

In strategic consulting, we define the mission and the vision of the company, we determine the business processes and the related strategy, we define the organisational structure, and we determine the competencies and job profiles and assist in the selection of managerial staff.

An excellent definition of strategy is „set of integrated actions aimed at achieving competitive advantage”. It is clear that the goal of the strategy is to gain more markets by outweighing the competition and this is the key objective of our approach in strategic consulting.